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Whats going dowm

2011-07-30 15:27:30 by SugarCain

I have been busy with external projects and learning from family guy in the making thingys and other lessons in animation. I will not rush this and the first episode will come out at the latest is in late spring 2012.

Hi everyone ! (no one)

2011-05-22 03:37:28 by SugarCain

Im going to make a account for animating !
This will be my art account !
Planet Orgy 1 should be complete animation wise in about two months but i still need music and voice actors !

Guess what !

2011-05-18 17:27:14 by SugarCain

Iv got a plan.

Im making a series of animations called "Planet Orgy" with the main characters being a crack dealing scot, a unicorn, a korean pizza man and an office worker.

Im also guna of a pic of a vampire in sketchbook !

Guess what !

Yes !

2011-04-16 07:30:49 by SugarCain

I have a couple of projects on the go, There is a battle music vid thingy that has to move withe the music. There is a hitler bunny for easter and I might get into a collab with some guys, no one special.


2011-04-04 14:56:46 by SugarCain

I need ideas, and as no one looks at my page at the moment, well I wont get any.